Friday, 13 January 2012

Jhira Bagh Palace Hotel - Day 3 - Great central India Road trip

This is small palace of Royal family of Dhar converted into a cute hotel. It does not have any flamboyance of a palace as such but looks like a big bungalow. Situated in a huge estate, we understand that it was a guest house built by Maharaja of Dhar for his English guests. Restored with lot of care and love, it has retained the feel of old world with modern amenities. It is not garish with different paraphernalia of Maharajahs we usually see in the palaces – Bison’s head, tiger skins, deer’s antlers etc. It is Spartan and elegantly decorated.

Living room of "Gujarat Suite"

The Bed room of Grand "Victoria Suite"

Living room of "Victoria Suite" - Note the fire Place

Elegant "Jaipur suite"

Living Room - Jaipur suite

The Courtyard

The garden - Notice the peacock

In front of Jhira Bagh Palace

Reception lobby

Living room - Gujarat Suite

The rooms are huge with a large sitting area and bed. Each room is decorated with a theme. We stayed in “Colonial Suite” . The suites are elegant and have themes like “Gujarat”, “Jaipur” etc. The largest suite is “Victorian suite” and you will feel as if you are staying in a house!! Food was very good and homely. They grow their vegetables organically in the huge estate.

We get up next day lazily. In fact the peacock calls wake us up. The estate is a treasure trove of birds and there were many peacocks as well. Good value for money for anyone who wants to explore Malwa region of MP. It is better to stay in these places than in the characterless hotels in city. We meet Mr. Suryawanshi, the man who own the place and who has restored the palace with lot of love and care after taking it over from last Maharaja of Dhar.

It is hot sunny day. Winter is very far way. Breakfast done, we start the day to explore Mandu, Maheshwar and Omkareshwar.

Next post - Mesmerisng Mandu and Maheshwar!