Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Back of the Blog - Grandeur of Mysore Dasara!

Back of the blog. Here we will share tit-bits and snippets on India Travel which may be useful for a traveller in India. It may be some new information about the place, a new cuisine one can explore, a bit of history, a funny anecdote or a good travel book. Anything connected to Travel in India. 
I was watching the celebrations of Mysore Dasara on television in the afternoon yesterday. It was a live telecast of the festivities in Mysore which brought back nostalgic memories of the event we saw few years back. The grandeur of Mysore should be experienced in the nine days of Dasara celebrations there. Some pics of the city during dasara which are for keepsake.

Mysore Palace in full glow
Palace as seen from another angle
Entrance to the palace with the temple in foreground
Entrance arch to Dasara Exhibition
You will be there next year in Mysore for Dasara. Don't you?

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