Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Go Goa in Christmas!!

Which is the best place in the country to be during Christmas time?

Where do you think the Christmas fervor can be seen and experienced most in India?

We know what your answer would be. Yes. It is Goa. There is also another place where you can feel the same experience. That is nestled in the North East corner of the country. Mizoram.

But nothing like being in Goa during this time. The festive fervour in Goa is contagious. Homes are decorated. Streets wear festive look with colourful lights. The street corners have nice tableau showcasing the life of Jesus. The churches get a fresh coat of paint and look gloriously white. People are in joyous mood. There is Santa everywhere. The sun and sands are at its best. Of course, there is music, Feni and food. The shacks are full and everyone enjoying and in festive mood. It is fun to be in Goa in Christmas.

We were there last year during Christmas and this is what we saw. It was a lovely experience.

One caution though. be prepared for rush of people and traffic jams on narrow Goa roads. Don't worry about it. Imbibe the Yuletide spirit and be a Goan in Goa........ 

Roadside tableau on the way to Colva beach

Churches ready for the Yuletide
You will find these tableau at many corners in villages in Goa
And of course......Santa is there everywhere too!!

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