Thursday, 31 January 2013

India Travel Stories from others - Charukesi on Chettinad

Ms Charukesi Ramadurai is a quintessential traveller, free lance writer, filter coffee drinker, blogger.........

More importantly, she is a blogger of extremely popular travel blog

Itchy Feet - Travel Blog from India

I was going through her article on Chettinad in the January Issue of National Geographic Traveller. Chettinad is a region of mansions  built by the mercantile community of Tamil Nadu known as Nattukottai Chettiars. Each mansion has a story to tell. Unfortunately many mansions have been pulled down and very few remain now to tell the story of a glorious past.

Chettinad Palace in Kanadukathan

Read all about it in her blog here

Storied Mansions

For more information on Chettinad, you can see the post in this blog

Chettinad - Magnificent mansions and Mouthwatering menus!

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