Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Food Safari - In search of Tirunelveli Halwa

Like "Mysore Pak", "Dharwad Peda", "Belgaum Kunda" and "Pathankot Pallang Thod" another sweet which is popular and known by its town's name is "Tirunelveli Halwa". (Halwa is a very popular Indian dessert)

For anyone with sweet tooth, this is a must have. 

Olympia goes in search of authentic Iruttukadai Halwa in Tirunelveli town. Does she get what she want? Here is a fascinating story on the Halwa in the Sunday Magazine of "The Hindu".

The rush in front of Iruttukadai - The famous Halwa shop in Tirunelveli
Halwa under preparation
We picked up some packets of Halwa when we went to Kanyakumari in October last year. Next time when you go to Kanyakumari, don't forget to stop over to pick up some Halwa from Tirunelveli!!

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