Thursday, 30 May 2013

India Travel Stories from others - B V Prakash visits two Dams in unexplored Malnad

It is no secret that we are fond of Malnad region in Karnataka and Western Ghats in General. 

Anyone who has been to the region will not come back without getting mesmerised by the beautiful vistas of the region. With monsoon round the corner, it is time to pack your bags and head for a drive to Malnad.

B V Prakash is someone we envy. He is a quintessential traveler and regular contributor to Deccan Herald, the venerable newspaper of Karnataka. It is a misnomer to say Prakash is a traveler. He is much more than that. He is an explorer with a keen eye for detail bringing out gems of Karnataka.

This week on Tuesday, Prakash introduced two Gems tucked away in Malnad. We did travel through this a month back. It had not rained in this area and we could see huge tracts of backwater dried up. It is already on the agenda to visit these places during monsoon. Add to this another gem called "Mani Dam" which is close by and very picturesque.

Click the link below read on. Make sure you visit them next time when you are around Tirthahalli. 

Stunning Vistas

Photo Courtesy by Rajesh Naik, the avid traveller and a popular blogger in Kannada. You can visit his blog (in Kannada) here

Visit to twin dams in Malnad

If you are planning to explore Malnad during Monsoon, please take a look at this post in this blog for more details

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If you need any help for planning a trip to Malnad, please write to

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