Thursday, 1 August 2013

Road Trip Vignettes - The Paddy fields and a Prayer wall

Pluses of a road trip is the freedom it gives to enjoy the journey at your own pace. Many times we have noticed that journeys are more interesting than the actual destination itself. When these vignettes are captured on the lens, they remain cherished memories forever. We will share some of these in our blog and hope you like it.

We never expected beautiful vistas of greenery when we drove from Melkote to Madikeri. 

The temple town of Melkote is a small little town rich with history and is well known for the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The landscape of this place with lovely valley and undulating topography is an eye candy, especially after the rains.

After a brief halt in Melkote we drove to Madikeri via K R Nagar. This stretch between Melkote to K R Nagar was a big surprise. Lush green fields, backwaters of Krishnaraja Sagar Dam makes it pleasant drive. 

The Mysore - Hassan highway near K R Nagar is surrounded by paddy fields on either side. This place is known as "Rice bowl" of Karnataka. When we were cruising on this excellent highway we stopped when we noticed this picture postcard landscape. 

The small prayer wall with white-green colour was a nice complement to the green around and the cloudy sky above.

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