Friday, 18 October 2013

Skywatch Friday - Sculptures in Melkote

Melkote or Melukote is a small sleepy town 120 KMs from Bangalore. 

It s a charming place blessed with lovely landscape, beautiful temples, a small hillock with a temple atop, holy tank which is ten times a modern swimming pool and exquisite sculptures on temple pillars. A place which still looks as if not touched by the so called "growth". It is a single street town. The life in the town revolves around the Cheluvaraya Swamy temple.  

We have been to Melkote many times. When we went there few months back, we marvelled at the panel of sculptures on the boundary wall of the terrace of temple. These sculptures depicts different deities from Indian mythology. When you look closely at the individual sculptures, you will appreciate their beauty. 

Many visitors to Melkote miss out this lovely museum of sculptures. Next time when you visit Melkote, don't forget to look up and look at them.

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