Sunday, 17 November 2013

Skywatch Friday - Rejuvenation in Bandipur!

We were in Bandipur National Park in May this year. 

This year's summer was very severe in the forests of Bandipur and Mudumalai.  The forest department had to hire water tankers to fill the water holes. It was also the best time for spotting the big cats. Our aim was also doing just that. But when we decided to finally make it to the forests, couple of good mango showers had ensured there was enough water in the forest. This meant there was glim chance of seeing big cats. (However we were lucky to spot a leopard twice. We will write about it in detail later) But the forests had been rejuvenated. The leaves had sprouted on the dry trees and the forest was looking fresh and green.

When we were going on safari, we noticed this tree - not sure about the name - which was looking lovely with a clear sky for the background. The new leaves had sprouted and covered the complete tree. They looked like flowers from the distance. The tender leaves were crimson in colour which made the tree look beautiful. 

These are the small charms of wandering in the forests. If you are unlucky to miss seeing big cats, these little things help you go back with fond memories and luring you to return!

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