Saturday, 25 January 2014

Colours of India's Republic Day!

We were watching the magnificent republic day parade on television in the morning in Bangalore. It is always a memorable experience to watch the parade. For Poorna, it is nostalgic and can relate to the different regiments which participate in the parade. The valour, the history and the colours of these regiments are the stuff stories made of. 

The misty morning of Delhi enlivened by the lovely martial music and the steps of our soldiers, cadets and young kids in their school uniforms.....After marching contingents, you always have those lovely tableau of the different states. 

Suddenly it struck as why not click some pictures of the parade on the iphone. Here are some........

Now for some lovely pictures which we downloaded from Press Information Bureau website.........

Long live Indian republic! Best wishes to every Indian on this day!! 

If you haven't seen it, be there next January in Delhi. It is a memorable experience.

You may also take a look at this excellent set of pictures on Flickr taken by Mr Srinivasan last year.

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