Thursday, 20 February 2014

Skywatch Friday - Sky from London Eye!

"London Eye" is one of the must see places in London. It was a decade ago when i (Poorna) went to London on a business trip and raved about the fabulous sights from there. Of course, i love this city. More on it in a dedicated post soon. 

It must be late afternoon on a fairly clear day from London standards when i went to the London eye. Staying on Fleet street near St Paul's meant it was a lovely walk along the Thames to reach the giant wheel. Last time i had ever sat in a giant wheel was as a kid. This was to be experience to cherish for ever. The sights of the city from the sky was just beautiful.  

View of a capsule
Big Ben with Parliament house next to it
Lovely view of Hungerford and Waterloo bridges on Thames
What was your experience like? Which was the city sight you cherish forever?

For more details check out the official link of London Eye here

London Eye

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