Sunday, 13 April 2014

Monday Images - Sahara, Desert beautiful!

Monday Images. Every weekend, we share some brilliant Images from fellow travellers from different parts of the world. We have liked them. Hope you will too.

From the coldest place on Earth to the hottest.

Yes, we are talking of Sahara desert. The largest stretch of sand on earth is amazingly beautiful. It has its own mountains, oases and its own forests. The rock formations which are formed millions of years ago are natural wonders. You might have read about it and seen lovely pictures in magazines like National Geographic.

When we were browsing through some pictures on Flickr, we were stunned by the beauty of the desert captured by Claudio. An avid traveller, he has shot these mindblowing landscape of the Sahara desert in Algeria.

Have we influenced you enough to alter your winter travel plan and made you head to Sahara?

For more stunning pictures of Sahara by Claudio, please click here. Dont blame us if you are awestruck!

Algeria by Claudio Pettazi

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