Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Heritage Walks in Mysore

I always wondered as to why there were no walking tours in a Heritage city like Mysore in South India. There is so much to see in Mysore if you move away from the regular tourist spots. 

We have done walking tours in Old City of Ahmedabad and Pondicherry. Of course our own Bangalore Walking tour by Arun Pai.

I came across this walking tour in Mysore by a bunch of youngsters who love Mysore and its heritage. They are doing a great job in show casing the city to discerning visitors. They also cover Sri Rangapatna. Apart from Walking tours, they also arrange Jeep trail and Bicycle tour as well.

Gateway to Mysore Palace (Photo Courtesy - Nathan Winder)
Central Food Research and Training Institute - Another Heritage building
Here is the link to their website for more details..

So, next time when you visit Mysore don't miss out joining one of these tours. 

You will be richer with experience.

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