Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Road trip Vignettes - Madikheda Reservoir, Shivpuri

Plusses of a road trip is the freedom it gives to enjoy the journey at your own pace. Many times we have noticed that journeys are more interesting than the actual destination itself. When these vignettes are captured on the lens, they remain cherished memories forever. We will share some of these in our blog and hope you like it.

During our fortnight long Central India Road trip from Bangalore, we covered many interesting places. Some of them are well known and some of them we had not bargained for. 

It was in Sept - Oct 2011. This was the year of bounty rain fall in Central India. After many years of drought, the reservoirs were full and it was green all around. Having served in Jhansi during my Army days, i know how hot and arid these regions are.

When we left Jhansi to Udaipur - a last minute change - we never bargained for an excellent road. A green and beautiful landscape complemented it. 

As we crossed Shivpuri bye pass, we saw a vista of backwaters of Madikheda reservoir. The reservoir was full to the brim and the stems of the dried trees submerged in water made the place look surreal. We stopped for few minutes to explore and click some pictures. 

Next time around, if you are travelling from Jhansi to Udaipur or Kota, make a stop over at Shivpuri to visit the well maintained cenotaphs of Scindia Dynasty. Also make a trip to serene Madhav Sagar lake and visit the George Castle built by Scindia for British Emperor George V who never came to stay there.

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