Thursday, 21 March 2013

India Travel Stories from Others - Arun's Payana to Red Hills

"Payana" in Kannada, the South Indian language means travel.

Arun lives by the word and is a quintessential traveller. Getting out of his comfort zone in Bangalore to explore the country. There are so many places close to us which we miss them out. Arun makes it a point and takes us to those places through his blog.

In his own words.....he wants to visit most of the paces in this exciting country as soon as possible. 

God speed to him.

And of course continue to share his experiences with others.

Here is his post on "Red Hills" the beautiful get away near Ooty in South India as he is floored by the European countryside charms of the place.

Please read on and here is the link

Red Hills - A Slice of Europe near Ooty

If you want to read more on Red Hills and Ooty, please look at this post in this blog here.

Ooty - A quick Escape to Red Hills

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