Thursday, 7 March 2013

Road Trip Vignettes - Arabian sea near Ankola, Karnataka

One of the pleasures of going on a road trip is the freedom it gives you to stop, explore and enjoy road side vignettes in a diverse country like India. These can be miles and miles of yellow spread of mustard in North India in winters or countless water falls while driving in Western Ghats during monsoons or fields filled with beautiful sun flowers in spring. We have stopped and enjoyed these beautiful moments in many of our drives.

Last week we were driving in Coastal Karnataka. If you are a roadtripper like us, driving on the West Coast in India is a pleasant experience. The rivers, estuaries, the hills and the mighty sea.......all add to the beauty of the place. There are many pristine and unexplored stretches of sand on this route - hope they remain same - which make West Coast such an eye candy.

One place we always stop and never get satiated is the stretch of road between Ankola and Karwar. This is a small distance - 15 KMs - of hilly terrain with curvy road with amazing sights of Arabian sea. Sadly, the Navy has constructed a compound wall all along the highway which obstructs the  beautiful view. What was being enjoyed while driving earlier times has to be done now by stopping and peeping! There are still some places where the Navy has not cordoned off and you can enjoy the sights from there. 

Here are two pictures we had taken while going to Goa last year. 

So, next time when you are driving to Goa from Bangalore, stop for a minute and enjoy these sights.

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