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Bhedaghat - Mesmerising Marble Canyons!

Bhedaghat. I first heard about it when Tango Banerjee who was my roommate in Army told about it dramatically. Tango being from Jabalpur used to rave about the place. Ever Since, i always wanted to explore it.

The opportunity came when we planned the trip to Bandhavgarh and Pench during the Christmas holidays of 2012. It was afternoon when we reached Bhedaghat. We had left Bandhavgarh in the morning and the road conditions ensured that we didn't  reach Bhedaghat before 12 in the afternoon. Though December, the afternoon sun was scorching.

Bhedaghat which is 15 KMs from Jabalpur is known as India's grand canyon for no reason. Narmada river flows here through amazingly beautiful marble gorges. Yes,  this place is not as vast as Grand canyon. But whatever it is, it is simply beautiful. The marble canyon is just magnificent.

We negotiated the rate for a boat and hopped on to it. It started cruising slowly. Good monsoon had ensured that the river was flowing full. First few minutes did not foretell what was in store. Fifteen minutes into the cruise, we were greeted with a spectacle of marble canyon. 

It is better to take you along the cruise for an experience. Join us....       

The still waters of Narmada doesn't tell us the spectacle we are going to see soon.
Normally you have shared boats or you can hire one for your own. A shared boat cruising on the river.
A first glimpse of the marble rocks. A prelude to what is likely to come

First glimpse of the marble formations in the middle of the river
We enter the canyon.
Simmering marble rocks weathered by river
Marble walls!
A boat slowly cruising. Notice the lovely marble walls.
We now enter the narrow portion of the canyon
Waiting for the catch
Patiently waiting for the catch!
The rockscape dramatically changes now. Tall walls of marble of different shades can be seen.
Please see the next few pictures. This part of the journey is spectacular.

Notice the boat and then estimate the height of these walls!

Natural rock formations are captivating

Did you enjoy this cruise with us? We had a mesmerising experience cruising through these lovely natural wonder.

After the cruise, we went to see the Dhuandhar waterfalls. It was spectacular though the cable car was not functional. The view from the cable car should be outstanding.

On the way back we picked up few beautifully carved marble pieces and natural crystals.

A stopover at Bhedaghat was worth all the trouble. Don't miss this if you plan a trip to Bandhavgarh or Pachmarhi or Satpura.

We will leave you with some spectacular pictures of this place from fellow travellers.......

Lovely picture of canyon ( Photo courtesy - Naiyer )
Panaromic view of the canyon (Photo Courtesy - Indus Excursion)
A view from the top (Photo Courtesy - Indus Excursion)
Duandhar falls ( Photo Courtesy - Naiyer)
Getting there

By Air - Jabalpur is the nearest Airport. Bhedaghat is 45 Minutes from Jabalpur.

By Train - Jabalpur is a major hub and it is connected to different parts of India.

By Bus - Jabalpur is connected to other parts of India by Bus. Both State transport and private buses operate from the city.

Stay Options

There are many stay options in Jabalpur. If you want to stay in Bhedaghat, the resort by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and Hotel Marble Rocks are best bets.

Travel Tips

a) Best time to visit the place is in winter. Summer will be very hot. Monsoon season will be risky due to heavy inflow into the river.

b) If planning during summers, make sure you go for the cruise early in the morning or late in the evening. Due to less water in summer, the canyon will look deeper.

c) You can either hire a boat for yourself or go for shared one. If you are hiring for yourself, it will cost you Rs 500 per trip.

d) You will see young boys willing to jump from the cliffs into the water for ten rupees. 

e) Bhedaghat is a good place to pick up good marble carvings.

f) Go by cable car to see the panoramic view of the water falls.

h) We have heard that the night cruise on the river on a full moon day is a experience in itself. Try this out. 

i) Make sure that you wear life jacket while sitting in the boat. Dont move around the boat for clicking pictures.

j) Bhedaghat can be clubbed with a visit to Bandhavgarh or Pachmarhi. Devote one day to cover Jabalpur and Bhedaghat.

k) While on the boat encourage the boatman to sing the local folk songs. It is a lovely experience to hear them sing.

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