Thursday, 6 March 2014

Skywatch Friday - St Clair's Falls, Sri Lanka

We were driving from Nuwara Eliya to Hatton. The sky was overcast. The road was in bad condition as they were widening it and we had to slow down. We did not mind it as the landscape of Hatton valley was outstandingly beautiful. Suddenly we saw this lovely falls. Thanks to good rains over the previous week, the falls had some water. 

Called us "Niagara of Sri Lanka", it is situated 3 km west of the town of Talawakele on the Hatton-Talawakele Highway in Nuwara Eliya District. The falls derive its name from a nearby tea estate. The Falls is 80m high and hence 20th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. St. Clair's falls comprises two falls called "Maha Ella" (Sinhalese "The Greater Fall") and "Kuda Ella," (Sinhalese "The Lesser Fall") which is 50m high and was created by a tributary of Kotmale Oya.

Waterfalls in full glory after rains (Photo Courtesy - Ishani Narahenpita)
If you are travelling in Sri Lanka, don't miss the drive from Nuwara Eliya to Hatton. It is a lovely drive. If you travel after the rains you will be greeted by numerous waterfalls on the way. 

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