Sunday, 2 March 2014

Monday Images - Vistas of Karakoram Highway

We all hate Mondays, don't we? In this series, we thought of pep you up with a nice picture every Monday. A picture we liked during our search on the web. A camera is traveller's constant companion and we all love to take pictures when we travel.  These pictures are taken by others in places either we have been to or not.

Being roadtrippers, a drive on Karakoram highway on the Silk route from Pakistan to China is in our bucket list. Not sure when that will happen but we would love to do this one day. We have heard and read about the splendid views of Karakoram range, Khunjareb pass etc., Ever Since we read Eric newby's classic "A Short Walk in Hindu Kush"and Michael Palin's book "Travels in Himalayas", we always wanted to go on this road.

When we were browsing the pictures of Karakoram highway on the net we saw some lovely vistas from fellow travellers which we thought of sharing with you.

Photo Courtesy - Kelly Brown
Photo Courtesy - Kelly Brown
Photo Courtesy - Watana
Photo Courtesy - Kelly Brown
You can see complete set of pictures by Kelly on Karakoram Highway here.

Kelly travels on Karakoram Highway

These pictures almost look like the ones we had seen on our road trip from manali to Leh in Ladakh. To know more about it please check out the following post on this blog

Ladakh Diaries 2 - Manali to Leh, Day two

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