Sunday, 30 March 2014

Monday Images - Spring Splendours!

Monday Images. Every weekend, we share some brilliant Images from fellow travellers from different parts of the world. We have liked them. Hope you will too.

Tomorrow, 1st April is celebrated as "Ugadi" in the southern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India. Our best to wishes to all readers on this auspicious day.

Ugadi means "New beginning" or "Beginning of a new era" or Simply "Beginning of the new year " in the Hindu lunar calendar.

Ugadi also signifies the arrival of spring in India. Spring is a nice time to be in India. The barren trees are looking beautiful with new twigs. Trees like Jacaranda, Flame of the forest, Cassia, Gliricidia, Copper pod, Red silk cotton, Queens flower, Tree of Gold bloom profusely painting the landscape in vivid colours. Thanks to our tree loving planners of yester years, Bangalore especially is blessed with these lovely flowering trees.

The herald of spring is best seen in a forest. We were driving on Charmadi ghat in March last year. We could see the different hues of colours in the forest The colourful new foliage of  trees presented us a with a picture postcard!. 

The forest from a distance
The close up of the forest shows different colours

A nice road flanked by rejuvenated trees in BR Hills
Golden shower tree in full glow
We will leave you with some stunning images of Spring.......

Melange of colours! (Photo Courtesy - Rene Rodriguez )
Spring colours in Himalayas, Nirmand, Himachal Pradesh, India ( Photo Courtesy - Ashwani Kaul )
Spring colours near Kullu, India -  Photo Courtesy - East Med Wanderer)
Stunning colours (Photo Courtesy - Ron Gielgens)
Spring in England ( Photo Courtesy - Lorenzo G )
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