Thursday, 20 March 2014

Skywatch Friday - Mount Rushmore in Bhedaghat!

In December 2012, we went to Bandhavgarh and Pench national parks in Central India. Another reason for us to make this trip - apart from Tigers - was to visit Bhedaghat - the magnificent marble canyon of India!

It was afternoon when we reached Bhedaghat on our way to Pench from Bandhavgarh. Though winter, sun was showing no mercy. Hiring a boat, we started our cruise on Narmada. As the boat moved slowly between the gorges, we were treated to fascinating vistas of marble rocks! What an experience it was!

When we returned and started refining the pictures we could not believe our eyes what we saw and what we missed! This picture below shows a natural formation of three faces akin to the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial in USA which is man made! We had missed it but candid camera had caught it! Check it out below.

Stay tuned. A separate post on Bhedaghat will follow soon. 

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